The company Halcom SRL was founded in 1990 by brothers Andrea and Piermichele Livraghi. Both specialists in the production of consumables and equipment for electric arc welding .

Since 1999, Halcom Srl is the exclusive importer for Italy of the company HYUNDAI WELDING Co. Ltd. Seoul KR. For volume of product , Hyundai Welding Co. Ltd ranks among the top 3 global leaders . Although not manufactured by Hyundai Welding and to be able to offer a complete and high quality to our customers , Halcom Srl imports and distributes other high-tech materials and the highest quality , such as :

Dong-il Ceramics Co Ltd
World’s first manufacturer of Ceramic welding backing one-side welding
Saind Carbowelding Group:
Automation high-tech cutting and welding “fully made ​​in Europe”
Litty Handel gmbh:
German company leader in the production of tungsten electrodes for TIG welding
Torches heavy – duty for manual welding and robotics “fully made ​​in Europe”

Halcom srl It has established technical and commercial relationship with major industrial companies operating in the Shipbuilding , heavy industrial steelwork , Boiler , Large metal construction and civil infrastructure .

The seriousness and professional competence demonstrated in more than two decades of work dedicated exclusively to the welding , have enabled Halcom Srl to win a leading position in welding in Italy , in Mediterranean Europe and Latin America

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HALCOM Srl distributes :

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