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HYUNDAI Ballpac™ drums

HYUNDAI Ballpac ™ represents the most modern and efficient technology for continuous feeding of welding wire without stop in any system for MIG -MAG automatic and semi-automatic welding .

This patented system of wire preparation, combined with the action of the equally patented system of glass spheres ( tangling preventer ) distributed over the surface of the wire ensures constant feeding without stops and without arc fluctuation . This ensures sound welds, reproducible and free of defects. This allows the use of traditional welding power sources and standard wire-feeders .

Excellent wire feeding : All the components of friction are minimized. No wire jerks, and no overlapping of the wire. The result will be a perfect supply with stable arc. Consume 250 or more kg of wire ” without problems ” reduces changeover times and keeps constant welding parameters. This is extremely important in robotics and automatic welding in general

HYUNDAI Ballpac ™ thanks to its system of “side thrust balancing ” minimizes any possible deformation of the wire pack during transport and handling .
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BallPac drums for solid wiresFusti  BallPac_SM70

BallPac drums for flux cored wiresFusti  BallPac_SC90M