BallPac Drums

Hyundai_Ball Pac

HYUNDAI Ballpac™ drums

HYUNDAI Ballpac ™ represents the most modern and efficient technology for continuous feeding of welding wire without stop in any system for MIG -MAG automatic and semi-automatic welding .

This patented system of wire preparation, combined with the action of the equally patented system of glass spheres ( tangling preventer ) distributed over the surface of the wire ensures constant feeding without stops and without arc fluctuation . This ensures sound welds, reproducible and free of defects. This allows the use of traditional welding power sources and standard wire-feeders .

Excellent wire feeding : All the components of friction are minimized. No wire jerks, and no overlapping of the wire. The result will be a perfect supply with stable arc. Consume 250 or more kg of wire ” without problems ” reduces changeover times and keeps constant welding parameters. This is extremely important in robotics and automatic welding in general

HYUNDAI Ballpac ™ thanks to its system of “side thrust balancing ” minimizes any possible deformation of the wire pack during transport and handling .
packaging 100% recyclable 

Disposing of waste is expensive, RECYCLING IS CONVENIENT! For this reason Hyundai Welding successfully proposes the new packaging for drums called HYUNDAI ECO PLUS ʺ.

The ECO PLUS drums are in fact made of 100% recyclable cardboard and their particular structure allows us to take advantage of the exclusive Hyundai Ball Pac ® technology.

HYUNDAI ECO PLUS BROCHURE: download technical sheet