Copper and copper alloys


Wire diameters and Packaging

  • spools Ø available : 0,8 – 1,0 – 1,2 – 1,6 mm
  • spools weight: 7  kg (D300-K300) / 2 kg (DIN 200 ) /  0,5 kg ( D100)
  •  TIG  (5 -10 kg) Ø mm 1.60 – 2.00 – 2.40 – 3.20 – 4.00 – 4.80



AWS A5.7


 CuSn  ER Cu Copper wire 99,8%Cu suitable for joining unalloyed copper. Excellent electrical conductivity
 CuSn6  ER CuSn-A CuSn6 is a solid solution strengthened copper alloy (bronze) with 6% tin. Its higher tin content imparts high strength and springiness to the metal. Its adequate conductivity makes it particularly interesting for springy conductive components. It is wear-resistant, has very good corrosion resistance and can be readily soldered. Due to the high strength and springiness and good workability, CuSn6 is used for all types of springs as well as for flexible metal hoses. In addition, it is applied in the paper, pulp, textile and chemical industries, as well as in shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and process equipment manufacture.
 CuSi3  ER CuSi-A Copper Silicon alloy, used for the inert gas welding of copper base alloys, for example, copper-silicon, copper-zinc and galvanized sheets, also welded to steel. This wire is frequently used for joining in artistic foundries, for welding galvanized sheets and even as a steel coating. It is also suitable for surfaces subject to corrosion
 CuAl8  ER CuAl-A1 CuAl8 has been developed for welding copper alloys and steel castings, nickel alloys and for welding in artistic cast. Used for welding galvanized steel sheets and components in the automotive industry.CuAl8 is an iron-free aluminum bronze, which composition offers a very high resistance to sea water-corrosion and to the most commonly used acids in any concentrations and at a wide range of operating temperatures. High erosion resistance.
Cu Al 8 Ni 2 For copper aluminum and copper nickel aluminum alloys
Cu Al 9 Fe ER CuAl-A2 for MIG and TIG welding of copper-aluminum, copper-silicon, copper-manganese and some copper-nickel alloys


Cu Ni 70/30 ER CuNi For welding and protecting cast iron and low alloy steel surfaces. for joining CuNi 70/30, 80/20, 90/10, Monel ® and other Ni-Cu alloys
Cu Ni 90/10  SG-Cu Ni 10 Fe It is suitable for dissimilar welding of CuNi alloys and other Cu alloys.